David Nathan Huizinga

geboren 20 februari 1999, 6:15 uur, 3215 gram
zoon van
Fia Huizinga
Paul de Vries


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Summary in English

On 20 februari 1999, our son David was born. The midwife found out that something was wrong, so the children's specialist was called for. She found a problem with the gullet, so our son was transferred to the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. The surgeon made the formal diagnosis: an enclosure of the gullet (esophagus atresion).
This is part of the rare VACTERL-syndrome, a complex of related predispositions to several organs. For David, the major issue was the gullet, which was not connected from his mouth to his stomach. It was operated immediately after his birth, and the operation was a success. There are also problems with his heart (now under control), kidneys (functioning well), and spine (to be investigated in about a year, yet too soon to say anything about it).
After two and a half weeks he left hospital, which is fairly soon. In the future we should expect new problems with his gullet, but at this moment he is in a very good condition, and we enjoy being at home as a family of three.

Info over slokdarmafsluiting

flag nl folder van het Kinderchirurgisch Centrum Amsterdam
Deze folder beschrijft het probleem en de operatie.
flag nl VOKS
Vereniging Ouders van Kinderen met Slokdarmafsluiting,
de Nederlandse patiëntenvereniging.
flag uk TOFS
De Engelse patiëntenvereniging.
flag de KEKS
De Duitse patiëntenvereniging.

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